Volunteering The Trust only has one paid employee providing day to day management of The David Rollo Centre, all   other work being undertaken by unpaid volunteers. If you care about wildlife as much as we do, live   reasonably locally and have a little time to spare, you too could become one of our volunteers. You will   find it most rewarding. Most of our volunteers only work one morning a week for 2 to 3 hours. There are   various tasks which you might be able to help with according to your abilities. Why not call us and find   how you could help?  Wildlife Care  This is hands on with wildlife, which is popular, but does have its drawbacks which you must be aware of.   The Centre looks after wildlife, so not dogs, cats or other domestic animals and pets. Some wildlife can   be dangerous. These animals are dealt with by our most experienced volunteers. Treatments are only   administered by our trained staff. Some wildlife such as hedgehogs may be cute, but can also be very   mucky, so it helps not to be too squeamish. Human contact with wildlife is kept to a minimum to avoid   unnecessary stress or imprinting.  Most of the work involves daily cleaning out of ponds, aviaries and cages and providing fresh food and   bedding. Some of the work is outdoors, sometimes in the cold. The pond areas need daily hosing down,   so this job can get a bit wet, but we can provide protective clothing for such tasks. You will receive   training on the job and will be briefed about safety and hygiene.   Over winter there will usually be a lot of hedgehogs in, but at other times of the year there will be more   baby birds, both cute small ones and also noisy, messy gulls. We never know what wildlife will come in   next, so there is no knowing what you may find yourself involved with. The work is interesting and   rewarding, you will meet new people who really care about wildlife, and there is always time for a chat   over coffee and biscuits after the work is done for the day.  Cleaning and Maintenance  The various aviaries, pens, cages and boxes need to be repaired from time to time, most of which can be   done with basic DIY skills. The site also needs to be kept as clean and tidy as possible inside and out,   including the grassy areas and borders which need looking after mainly during the summer months.   These jobs might suit you if you don’ft fancy being hands on with the wildlife.  Fundraising  Many of our regular volunteers also help out at our large events, such as our Open Days and Christmas   Fayre, but we always need extra hands to run the stalls and sales tables. We sometimes have to turn   down offers to attend shows and events run by other organisations because we can’ft get enough volunteers to run just a single table. Perhaps you have a fancy for this sort of work.  You might even like to take a space at a local car boot sale, with all or part of the proceeds raised for the   Trust, or you can sell our gift items alongside your own. If you are planning to do a sponsored event such   as running a marathon, you might consider raising money on behalf of the Trust.  You may even have your own fundraising idea. Call us to see how you could help.