Latest News We now have a YouTube channel with a number of new videos taken by Elfrieda Waren. Look on our Photos/Video Page. ******************************* "Swan Notes" News items written by Trust members and volunteers and usually appearing in the “Berwick Advertiser" newspaper each  week. Unfortunately, sister newspaper the “Berwickshire News” are no longer following suit. For those unable to read these items, and  those living outside the Berwick area, here are the last few editions.. 16th November 2017 It’s me (Pat) writing at last. I must thank Elfie for covering the last few weeks for me. I feel at last I am on the mend. I am not very up to date with what has been going on at the Rollo Centre as some casualties have come in been treated and released in the nearly five weeks since I’ve been off. I do know that we have more small underweight hedgehogs this year than we have ever had before. Three more came in during the last 24hrs. This means we have plenty waiting to be sponsored. Why not think about giving a sponsorship as a Christmas present. Just ring the Rollo Centre on 01289 302882 or call in during the morning and choose the hog you want to sponsor. Remember you need to have a name handy so we can register the hog to you.  Each hog eats three cans of dog food a week and a small bag of dried mealworms, so it helps a great deal with the costs if we can get the sponsorships going. There may be up to thirty with us this winter. That’s a lot of dog food. Whilst trying to look after all these hedgehogs we are busy preparing for our Christmas Fayre on 2nd December at Berwick Baptist Church Hall on Golden Square. We shall have a huge tombola, wine or water, crafts  and I think Elfie is doing some of her lovely handmade glass items which are always a big hit. The cake and candy stall is also a favourite. We shall be selling raffle tickets for our Christmas Raffle but tickets will not be drawn until 18th. December. We had a lovely surprise this morning when Pat Gallet arrived with a lovely ‘proggie’ rug to be included in the raffle. I took a photo of it but it doesn’t do it justice. It must have taken hours and hours of work and is a super prize. Many thanks Pat. The cygnets are all OK except one that has been with us some time and we were giving it time to see if it would improve. It’s balance is not good and it has to be kept off the pond as it can’t stabilise itself on the water. We shall get the vet to check it out again this week as it has shown no improvement it may be time to put the bird to sleep. The ringer came this morning to ring the Buzzard which has come on leaps and bounds since it came in with a head injury. It is flying very well in the big aviary and the ringer confirmed it was a good strong bird now. So in the next few days this bird will be released back where he was found. Dick has just gone off to try to catch a Heron which has some sort of line wrapped round it’s beak. The trouble is the bird is still strong enough to fly so it won’t be easy, but I will let you know the outcome next time. Pat Goff 9th November 2017 Sometimes, wild animals can turn up in the oddest of places and need a helping hand to get them back on track.  Last week, staff at Morrisons supermarket found a badly injured woodcock in their car park and  very kindly brought it to the Rollo Centre. Being a shy woodland creature, it was obviously a  long way from its natural habitat among the bustle of cars, shoppers and trolleys. It looked as  if it had flown into something, as its head lolled and one eye was closed. Kay didn’t hold out  much hope for the poor thing, and she was fully expecting to find it had died through the  night, but amazingly it rallied and the next morning was peering at her from the cage with its  one good eye, head upright and raring to go. Kay moved it to an outdoor aviary, but it was  getting very stressed, risking further injury by constantly flying up and hitting the wire mesh  every time someone drew near. Kay decided it would have a better chance of recovery in a  woodland setting, and once released, the woodcock immediately toddled down to a burn to  prod about for worms and beetles with its long beak, so the future is looking hopeful for him.  Another bird that is well on the way to full recovery now is the buzzard from Twizell Bridge. As  with all birds of prey that have head trauma, the vet was most concerned about the possibility  of detached retinas. But thankfully the buzzard’s eyes are fine, he’s eating well and he’s in the  large aviary flying up and down to build his strength towards release. There are currently 16 hedgehogs with us until next spring, and already the recent arrivals are  beginning to display their different personalities. Some are lively and inquisitive, squirming  about on the weighing scales and trying to haul themselves out of the holding box while their  cage is being cleaned. Others are more laid back, flopping out to sleep on top of their towel  instead of under it. One particular hog has already mastered the trick of tipping his plastic bowl  up with his paws so his food more or less falls into his mouth; my money is on him being the  messiest eater in the recovery room. Once again we are inviting our supporters to sponsor a hog for £30, which will pay for their food  and any treatment over the winter. Sponsors get to name the hog and receive a card with a photo and a little background information,  then next year they receive an update on how he or she has progressed. Raffle tickets are now on sale with tickets at 50p each. There are some superb prizes on offer, including a luxury hamper, Steiff wildlife  collectables, and a dog print by Amanda Brumwell. Winning tickets will be drawn on Tuesday 19 December at 1pm.   Raffle tickets are available from any trust volunteers or committee members, or you can call in or contact the Rollo Centre.  Elfrieda Waren 2nd November 2017 It’s always a stark reminder when the clocks go back that winter most definitely has arrived, and at the trust, it’s the time of year when  we stop releasing recovered hedgehogs into the wild. The hogs that are with us now will be here until next Easter, either building up their weight or continuing their recuperation from illness or injury.   Three will overwinter outdoors in their plush new suites at Hotchi Mews, where Jim has laid out a gravelled area to keep the hutches dry  and prevent the hogs from digging escape tunnels in the grass. This leads me rather neatly to that annual reminder in advance of Fireworks Night to check any  bonfire woodpiles for hedgehogs. Heaps of old wood and garden refuse are a hog’s dream home,  so please ensure they’ve had a chance to wake up and move on before lighting the bonfire. Use a  broom pole to disturb sections of the bonfire, not a spade or garden fork as this could injure a  hidden hog. The ‘Claw and Talon’ room which was constructed in the summer to mark the trust’s 25th  anniversary has really come into its own in the last week, with no fewer than three buzzards  needing our help. The most recent admission comes from Allanton and has an injury to its upper  wing. Three very young collared doves and a couple of adult pigeons are in the recovery room, and  outside, an already discharged ‘patient’ obviously enjoyed his stay so much he just keeps coming  back. He was spotted by my fellow Wednesday volunteer Una hanging around an outdoor aviary  where another pigeon is currently resident. We’d like to think it’s love, but it’s probably more to do  with food. Of course it’s our supporters, whether individuals, businesses or groups, who help us continue to  safeguard the survival of wildlife in our area.  Many Berwickers will remember Iris Hogg with great fondness – indeed many of them were  brought into the world by her. Iris died in March at the age of 89, having spent many years as a maternity sister at Castle Hills. She had  requested that a proportion of the proceeds from the sale of some of her belongings should be donated to the trust, and as a result we  have received £300 in her memory.  Thanks also go to the quizzers at The Pilot pub, who raised £40 for us at one of their quiz nights, and the customers and staff at B&M  Bargains who put £20.45p in loose change into our collecting tin on the shop counter. If any other shops or local businesses would be  happy to have one of our collecting tins, please get in touch.  Of course, donations of goods are just as important as financial support. I must include a special ‘thank you’ to Berwick Decorating  Centre for providing the paint which will brighten up Jim’s next construction job, a large indoor aviary at one end of the big room.  Elfrieda Waren