Latest News "Swan Notes" News items written by Trust members and volunteers and usually appearing in the “Berwick Advertiser" newspaper each  week. Unfortunately, sister newspaper the “Berwickshire News” are no longer following suit. For those unable to read these items, and  those living outside the Berwick area, here are the last few editions... 29th July 2021 We held our Open Day last Saturday and we were so lucky with the weather. After a cloudy couple of hours whilst we were setting up the gazebos and putting out chairs, the sun came out, no wind a really beautiful day. We were not sure how many people would come but we were quite busy. All the volunteers who came to help did a wonderful job. Una persuaded  a lot of customers to buy a calendar for 2022 which shows some of our  wildlife orphans as babies and then as adults. It is difficult to try to make  the calendar different every year. It seems that this one is a bit of a hit.  The picture this week shows the April pictures.   Stephen on the Bric a Brac and raffle did a great job and we did have  some lovely stuff for sale. We also had some super raffle prizes donated. Terry (my brother) managed the Tombola. He was on his own for the first  time as Mum died last October. She always took charge of the stall before  she became too feeble. The volunteers all missed her. Dick was able to release twelve of our delinquent gull chicks that were  able to fly and search for food themselves, but then he had to go off  searching for a gull in the town centre, although he was unable to find it.  He then came back to his stint as guide to the aviaries. He was assisted  by Jackie, who was also showing prospective volunteers what the work  entailed. Kay and myself were in the freezer room serving teas from the fire door.  The fresh strawberry and cream scones as well as the delicious cakes  went down well. We used disposable cups and paper plates to cut down handling and washing up and this worked so well we will do the  same again. Doing refreshments this way meant that we kept as much of the proceedings outside as we could, keeping everyone safe. It  seemed that although people were happy to come they were also happy that we were still taking precautions against Covid. We were able to show plans of our new project for an overwintering hedgehog hut.  We need a few more cages to fit it out and we are  hoping to get these sponsored at £45.00 each some have already been sponsored in memory of a loved one. After the visitors had left we had a quick clear up and prepared for our A.G.M.  Since the 2020 A.G.M. had been cancelled we had two  year’s accounts to show. All member of the committee were prepared to stay on except Karen and we wish her and Clive all the best for  the future now they have moved to be closer to family. Jim has agreed to come on to the committee which will be very useful as he can  explain any repairs that are needed to pens and huts. All in all a very busy day but very successful one we raised £705.00. Thanks to everyone who came or helped us with the day.  Pat Goff 22nd July 2021 We are still going ahead with our Open Day on Saturday 24th July from 10.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.. We shall be asking visitors to wear masks  indoors and will limit numbers in our small rooms to allow some social distancing. There will be plenty of hand sanitizers around. Teas  and cakes will be served outside (weather permitting) and we will aim to keep everyone as safe as possible. Although restrictions are  legally lifted with infections soaring we don’t want our gathering to cause anyone to become ill. The A.G.M. which starts at 2.30 p.m. will  be held in the big room with several doors kept open and we will be able to keep everyone safe there too. Last weekend was a very busy one. On Sunday morning we took in a Short Eared Owl which had a dreadful wound to it’s wing and chest  area. Sadly we could only take it to the Vet for euthanasia. Two hedgehogs were brought in, also another gull chick, a very young  pigeon, and two tiny rabbit kits, still with their eyes closed. The  rabbits were found in a bunker on a golf course when the top of  their nest caved in. One of the hedgehogs was a young one, just big enough to be away from its mother. The people who kindly came  from Shilbottle to bring it in, said they fed the hedgehogs in their  garden but this one wanted to come into the house all the time. It is  still very wobbly and was out during the day. It only weighed 240  grams so about 6 weeks old. They have named it Homer, so one of  our hogs has a name already. He should be able to go back once he  gains weight. The other hog has ticks, although they are small, we took over  thirty off but it still has more to be removed. It is being treated with  antibiotic as it has had such a lot of ticks.  The pigeon is at home with me together with the rabbit kits as they  need hand feeding and it is very busy at the Centre just now. We put all the Cygnets and ducklings together. Our one large  duckling has met the two smaller ones and we are happy that he  knows he is a duck now and not a cygnet. He was brought up with the cygnets and was very attached to them, but since we put the  other ducklings in and they took him as leader of their gang, he is quite happy.  When the Cygnets first went into the big pond they were a bit worried about seeing so much water but soon they were bathing and  dashing about enjoying it. One Cygnet is quite a bit smaller than the others but he was one of the first to splash about and get wet. The  picture this week shows them on the first day in the big pond. Do come along and see them on Saturday and see that through all the problems with Covid we are still working. Pat Goff 15th July 2021 As many Covid restrictions are being taken off later this week we have decided we should still hold our Open Day on Saturday 24th. It  will be held from 10.30 a.m. till 2 p.m. Our A.G.M. will follow at 2.30 p.m. I know many people are still concerned about the virus as the  number of cases has gone up considerably especially in our area. We shall, therefore ask visitors to wear masks when inside the David  Rollo Centre. We are hoping if weather permits some of our stalls will be outside. It will be nice to show the people that have supported  us all the work we have been doing, so do try to come along. If you would like any matters raised at the A.G.M. please ring or e-mail the Trust before Thursday 22nd. July. Usually we need two weeks  notice but as we were not sure if we would be able to go ahead with the meeting and last year’s meeting was cancelled we thought we  should be more flexible. Do remember everyone is welcome to the A.G.M.  Now for the wildlife. On Sunday we had a hedgehog brought in that had been  accidentally locked in a garage for two days. He has recovered from his lack of food  and water but he has recently had his shoulder caught in mesh or string and he has  nasty marks under one front leg and across his shoulder. He also has injuries on his  face probably when he was trying to free himself. His leg is swollen too.  He has  been given antibiotic for any infection that may be present and has also been  treated for fleas! We have very few hedgehogs in with fleas but this was one of  them. I will let you know how he is doing next week.  We have had another cygnet brought in from Chester-le-Street, about the same size  as the others. We are hoping that the swan we have been treating and which is  much better now, will bond with the six cygnets and the Mallard duckling (now fully  grown) as a family group. The two cygnets currently in the pond with the duck are  very much together and the cygnets seem to follow the duck everywhere so we  would like to keep them together for a while longer. The Peregrine that has been with us for several weeks has been moved to the  undercover aviary. We had been taking it out of it’s cage every day to clean, which  was not easy, as it knows how to use it’s talons and wants to flap it’s wings. The  idea of cage rest was so that it did not use it’s wings to allow the damage to one wing to heal. Lifting it was causing more stress than was good for it. In the undercover aviary it seems much happier but it needs a week or  so more in there and we can see then if all the treatment has worked. Fingers crossed, it will be fine as it is only a very young bird. Dick  took the photo last week. Pat Goff